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8 Steps Kick Start Guide to Start Your Kajabi Journey

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A Step-by-step Guide To Set Up And Run An Online Business With Kajabi.

Here's an overview of your step-by-step guide for starting and growing your Kajabi platform with a solid foundation!


STEP 01: Find your Kajabi Aim

STEP 02: Add your site details.

STEP 03: Set up your marketing settings.

STEP 04: Integrate your payment gateways

STEP 05: Customize your checkout settings.

STEP 06: Add a custom domain.

STEP 07: Look at the third-party integrations.

STEP 08: Launch Funnel Before the website


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Download our FREE Kajabi Kickstart Guide. It's perfect for beginners and packed with tips to help you get started. Whether you're selling courses, memberships, or anything online, this guide is your Kajabi cheat sheet!

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STEP 1 : Find your Kajabi Aim

Before you start building your dream online business with Kajabi, it’s necessary to define the aim of your Kajabi journey.

Kajabi is a powerful platform for building an online business, and it can be used for many different types of business models.



Kajabi is the perfect platform for expanding your empire and making a bigger impact!

This is what we recommend for our clients who are scaling to multiple six figures and beyond... and want to do so through courses, memberships, coaching programs, masterminds, and knowledge or service-based offerings.


  1. Build your website

  2. Grow your following

  3. Sell your products

  4. Share your knowledge

  5. Automate your marketing

  6. Create a course, membership, or coaching program

  7. Streamline your online business into an all-in-one platform

  8. Grow your email list

  9. Launch a free or paid podcast

  10. Build connections and create an online community

  11. Launch Your Funnels with Upsell

  12. Launch Your Blogs



  1. Why did you (or why do you want to) sign up for Kajabi?

  2. What is the big problem Kajabi is solving in your business?

  3. How can you use Kajabi in your Online business?

Marketing Help 

  1. Who are your dream clients?

  2. Where they are gathering.

  3. How can you attract them?


STEP 2: Add your site details

General: Enter basic information about your site, such as Title, email, Phone number, and domain settings.


Homepage: Choose the page that you want to use as a home page. 


Branding: Define your brand identity by uploading a logo, and favicon.


Colors: Choose the color palette you want to show in the color picker in Kajabi.


Instructor: Set up your default instructor info for all products including bio, photo, and title. 


Page Scripts: Add custom code snippets to all pages. This code will be placed in the <head> section of every page on your website.


SEO and social sharing: SEO makes your website visible to people more easily. The meta title and, meta descriptions are displayed in search results and social media shares.

STEP 3: Set up your marketing settings

  1. Marketing Contact Address: We will include your physical address in the marketing email footer to agree with international anti-spam law.

  2. Company Logo: Upload your company's logo in transparent PNG format. It will show at the top of your marketing emails.

  3. Email Sending Settings: Configure email settings such as sender name, from email, reply-to address, or custom email domain setup instead.

  4. Email Sequence Defaults: Set default parameters for email sequences, including timing, frequency, and triggers for automated email campaigns.


STEP 4: Integrate your payment gateways

  1. Stripe: Integrate Stripe as a payment gateway to process credit and debit card payments on your website securely.

  2. PayPal: Integrate PayPal as an alternative payment option for making purchases. PayPal enables secure transactions using credit cards, bank accounts, and PayPal balances.

  3. Kajabi (If available in your country): Kajabi payment offers more ways to pay like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Buy Now, and Pay Later with seamless integrations of Xero and QuickBooks! 



STEP 5: Customize your checkout settings

  1. Email Opt-in: Enable email opt-in to allow customers to receive marketing emails during checkout.

  2. Card Storage Opt-in: It allows customers to save their payment card details for future purchases (applicable only to one-time purchases via Stripe).

  3. Checkout Tracking Code: Add custom tracking codes to monitor checkout performance and user behavior.


STEP 6: Add a custom domain

Remove the part from your URL, then go to the domain Adjustment.

Domain setup can be confusing and very technical, but I have explained in my other video the guidance and make it easier for you.

If you have any problems you can always message Kajabi's support chat, and they'll help you.

Still need help, we (Funnel Pandit Team) are just one book a call away.

Before you set up a domain, make sure you already purchase your domain through a Domain registrar such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, etc.


STEP 7: Look at the third-party integrations

  1. Email Integrations: Integrate third-party email marketing tools like Aweber, Mailchimp, Drip, ConvertKit, etc with Kajabi. This allows you to automate email campaigns, and performance tracking directly.

  2. Analytics: Get audience insights by connecting analytics tools such as Segment, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixels with your Kajabi account to track website traffic, user behavior, and conversion metrics.

  3. Payment Providers: Integrate additional payment providers beyond the built-in options like Stripe and PayPal. This allows you to offer more flexibility to your customers by supporting a wider range of payment methods and currencies.

  4. Misc: Integrate other third-party tools that enhance your Kajabi experience. This category may include integrations for customer support, lead generation, social media management, or other tools that complement your business needs.


STEP 7 A: Other site settings

  1. Checkout Settings: Decide how customers pay for your products and courses (credit card, PayPal, etc.)

  2. Customer Payments: Manage your customer payment information and options.

  3. Email Templates: Design automated emails sent to your customers (welcome emails, order confirmations, etc.).

  4. Blog Settings: Control how your blog posts appear on your website.

  5. Form Settings: Configure settings for forms for collecting customer information (contact forms, lead capture forms, survey forms, etc.).

  6. Mobile App Settings: Manage how your website appears and functions on mobile devices.

  7. Drip Settings: Send automated email sequences to your customers at specific times (e.g., welcome series, promotional offers).

Labs: Access experimental features and beta releases offered by the Kajabi through the Labs section.


STEP 7 B: Account settings

  1. Account Details: Manage and update your personal information associated with your Kajabi account.

  2. Sign In & Security: Change your password and manage the security settings of your account.

  3. Account Users: Add or remove the users and manage their permissions and roles within Kajabi.

  4. Billing: Manage your subscription plan, payment methods, and past invoices.

  5. Contact Info: Update your business contact information such as your business address, phone number, and support email in Kajabi.

  6. Account Tracking: Monitor your account activity and performance data. It provides insights into user activity, content engagement, and other key metrics. 


STEP 8: Launch Funnel Before the website


  1. Create a freebie funnel and start growing your email list!

  2. Choose a topic and create your first online course!

  3. Build a membership community and scale your business!

  4. Launch a free or paid podcast and spread your message!

  5. Create a sales page, set up an offer, and launch your coaching program!

  6. Build a beautiful website to attract your dream clients! 




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