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How to setup your online course in the Kajabi?

How to setup your online course in the kajabi platfrom?

Creating a course in Kajabi is a straightforward process. Kajabi is a platform that allows you to build and sell online courses.

Here are the steps to create a course in Kajabi:

1. Sign Up for Kajabi

To start using Kajabi, you need to create an account. You can Get FREE 30 days Trial of Kajabi by following the sign-up process. You can then choose a pricing plan that fits your needs and budget.

Start your 30-days free trial in kajabi

2. Log in to Your Kajabi Dashboar

Once you’ve created your account, log in to your Kajabi dashboard using your credentials.

3. Create a New Product

  1. In your Kajabi dashboard, click on “Products” in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click the “+ New Product” button.
  3. Choose the type of product you want to create. In this case, select “Online Course.”
what you want to create in kajabi

4. Create Your Course Content

1.Click on the "Course Content" tab. Here, you can start adding your course content, such as lessons, modules, and quizzes.

2.Click the "+ New" button to add a new module or lesson. You can organize your course content into modules, lessons, and other sections as needed.

3. For each module or lesson, you can add video, audio, text, or other types of content. Kajabi provides a user-friendly content editor to create and format your content.

5. Customize Your Course Website

Kajabi allows you to create a dedicated website for your online course. Customize the website by -

1.Choosing a theme or template.

2.Adding your branding elements (logo, colors, fonts).

3.Creating a landing page for your course.

6. Up Payment and Pricing

If you're charging for your course, configure your payment settings.Kajabi integrates with payment processors like Stripe and PayPal.

kajabi payment integrations

7. Preview Your Course

Before publishing your course, use the preview feature to check how it looks and works from a student's perspective.

8. Publish Your Course

Once you're satisfied with your course setup, click the "Publish" button to make it available to your audience.

9.Promote Your Course

Promote your course to your target audience through various marketing channels, such as social media, email marketing, and your own website.

markiting kajabi

10. Disclaimer

That's it! You've successfully set up your online course on the Kajabi platform. Remember to keep your course content updated and engage with your students to ensure a successful online teaching experience.

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